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Harbor has been upgraded to Blackboard Open LMS version 3.7. To learn more, please view the release notes. For any questions or concerns, contact harbor@musc.edu.

Creating an Inclusive Experience for All of the Lives We Touch

The Medical University of South Carolina strives to create a more diverse community in which every member is respected and valued. Diversity and inclusion are two of MUSC's top five goals. Diversity and inclusion breeds innovation, and innovation is the key to better health care. To build a more diverse workforce, we need to start with supporting a more diverse student population. It is our goal to create a culture of change in providing an equitable learning experience to all students. 

In 2019, MUSC was one of four institutions from around the globe recognized for including methods to ensure pedagogy, content, technology, and educational services are fully inclusive and supportive of all learners with disabilities. Blackboard awarded MUSC the Catalyst Award for Inclusive Education.

The Medical University of South Carolina is committed to creating an inclusive experience for all of the lives we touch, whether in person or digitally through websites, online course materials, videos, or emails.  To ensure that what we share online is accessible for everyone, the MUSC Digital Accessibility Committee developed a plan designed to help move us forward in this effort.  This plan provides a three-year outline of the guidelines and support you need to ensure content is accessible within the university learning management system, Harbor, and our content capture system, Panopto.  

All instructors have access right now to the Digital Accessibility Plan Year 1 Resources in Harbor. If you are not added to this course, you can enroll yourself to find out more information and gather resources to support you over this next year.

Training sessions will be on-going and announced through various venues. The Fundamentals of Digital Accessibility online course will return in 2020, and you can contact Alex Walters, Senior Instructional Designer & Digital Accessibility Specialist, for more information on training sessions and resources (walteale@musc.edu).  

If you have questions about this plan, please contact the University Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (diversity@musc.edu).