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Check List for Getting Your Course Ready for the Semester

Harbor: Where learning happens

  1. A correctly formatted syllabus is present and easily accessible - contains objectives, grading policy, activities and due dates. 
  2. The instructor provides a clear self and course introduction and makes it clear how to get started. 
  3. Each week/unit/topic has clear, stated learning objectives (objectives list, checklist, module overview recording) 
  4. A variety of instructional materials are used throughout the course (Videos, readings, interactive tools, student Panopto recordings) 
  5. Learning activities provide opportunities for interaction that support active and engaged learning among students (Open Discussion forums, Panopto videos, Blackboard Collaborate, H5P Interactive Content) 
  6. Course technologies are current and updated. (Panopto, Turn-it-in, Open Grader, H5P, Blackboard Collaborate) 
  7. All assignments requiring Turn-It-In have updated assignment portals 
  8. Course navigation facilitates ease of use and is well organized (labels, video/images are embedded within the course, use of blocks such as QuickMail, Calendar and Panopto) 
  9. The course design uses an approved template and has a well-designed look and feel (use of labels to demonstrate flow of instruction that is easy to follow) 
  10. Course multimedia is relevant and user friendly (videos and Panopto recordings are embedded and functional) 
  11. Due dates for assignments and forums have been updated to allow student access 
  12. If applicable, weeks/topics are restricted to open on an adaptive release (If content builds from week to week, restrictions/hiding weeks is encouraged to reduce cognitive load). 
  13. Ally accessibility gauges for files and presentations are green. 
  14. Panopto recordings are captioned and accessible within the course. (embedded)

Are you interested in learning more about setting up your course and delivering it effectively this semester? Check out the Learn Open LMS for Instructors now!

August Updates for Panopto

Panopto logo

August 10: Downtime

On Saturday, August 10, there will be a number of updates to the Panopto cloud infrastructure to increase performance and scalability. These updates will require downtime. We expect up to 3 hours of downtime, starting at 9:00 PM. During this time, you will be unable to access recordings on your server, and any attempts to upload from recording clients will result in a "Server unable to connect" message. Recorders are able to select the record offline option and upload after the site is back online.

August 30: End of Life for Old Links

After the transition of Panopto from on-site to the cloud in December 2018, we have seen improvement in the site stability and performance. Along with this transition, any link that is directly shared with viewers that has not been updated since the transition (i.e. panopto.musc.edu in the text) will no longer be supported after August 30th, 2019. Make sure your shared links are updated (i.e. musc.hosted.panopto.com in the text) to ensure they will continue to work after this deadline.

Introducing Blackboard Ally!

Ally Examples

Download your course files in formats that match your device and need. Click the "A" icon next to your course files, and select “Alternative Formats” from the drop-down. 

Depending on the type of document, you many find some or all of the options below available: 

  • An OCRed PDF which is used to improve the text of scanned documents
  • A Tagged PDF with improved navigation, especially if you use a screen reader 
  • An HTML version that will be adjust text for your mobile devices
  • An ePub version if you use an eReader or tablet
  • An Electronic Braille version if you’re a braille reader
  • An audio version for listening to an MP3.

Be Well with Imagine U

Imagine U for Employees

You asked, We Listened!

We have heard your feedback and are excited to announce that Imagine U has transitioned to a new mobile-optimized platform that is easily accessible on your mobile device, tablet and desktop, and is designed to enhance the user experience for all employees at MUSC. We are also excited to announce the addition of brand-new Build-Your-Own Challenges, designed to be flexible and able to accommodate the wide range of well-being activities you may already be doing.

Getting Started Anywhere, Anytime!

Visit www.musc.edu/iu to view the Imagine U program. The program is organized under 4 main categories: 

  1. Physical Activity
  2. Nutrition & Weight Management 
  3. Preventative Care
  4. Psychosocial Health
There are also categories for 'Featured Challenges' and a new category where you can 'Build Your Own Challenges'. These categories represent the overarching structure of total wellness for this program, designed with the unique needs and goals of every MUSC employee.

Find more information on the Imagine U Program here