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Panopto Update, New Recorder, and Maintenance

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June 22 - Downtime for Update

Each fall and spring Panopto performs upgrades that require downtime. On Saturday, June 22, the site will be down beginning at 9:00 PM EST, and we expect up to 3 hours of downtime. 

During the time our site is offline, you will not be able to access recordings to view or edit, and any attempts to upload will result in a "Server unable to connect" message. If you have recording privileges, you are able to select the “record offline” option and upload after the site is back online.

Please reach out to panopto@musc.edu if you have any questions or concerns about this. 

July 1 -  Site Clean Up

Beginning July 1, Panopto administrators will:

  • Delete all recordings previous to 4 years (i.e., on July 1, 2019, recordings prior to 2016 will be deleted) 
  • Delete all recordings of 5 views and under (excluding anything recorded in the past 2 years and any folders in Harbor – previously known as Moodle)
  • Delete all “Assignment” folders (excluding any folder created in the past 6 months)
  • Delete all “test” recordings 
  • Delete all recordings listed as “meetings” 
  • Delete all recordings that are 4+ hours 
  • Delete all recordings with no audio

July 18 - Mandatory Recorder Upgrade

On July 18, you will need to upgrade your Panopto recorder. This means if you have the recorder on a personal device or a non-Lynx computer, you will need to manually update the recorder to the most recent version. If you are a Creator in Panopto, log into panopto.musc.edu and click “Download Panopto” below your name. From here choose your operating system next to Panopto. This will ensure you have the most updated recorder on your device.

  • Panopto for Windows 6.0 and Remote Recorder 6.0 requires: Windows 7, Windows 8.1 (Windows 8 will not be supported), and Windows 10.
  • Panopto for Mac 6.0 requires: MacOS 10.12, 10.13, and 10.14 (OSX 10.11 will not be supported).

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Join us in our commitment to innovative teaching and learning in higher education on July 12th, 2019! The SCITTL conference aims to highlight current trends, best practices, and future directions of teaching and learning in higher education. Come learn from the best and brightest while being able to exchange ideas with colleagues from across the state of SC.

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Be Well with Imagine U

Imagine U for Employees

You asked, We Listened!

We have heard your feedback and are excited to announce that Imagine U has transitioned to a new mobile-optimized platform that is easily accessible on your mobile device, tablet and desktop, and is designed to enhance the user experience for all employees at MUSC. We are also excited to announce the addition of brand-new Build-Your-Own Challenges, designed to be flexible and able to accommodate the wide range of well-being activities you may already be doing.

Getting Started Anywhere, Anytime!

Visit www.musc.edu/iu to view the Imagine U program. The program is organized under 4 main categories: 

  1. Physical Activity
  2. Nutrition & Weight Management 
  3. Preventative Care
  4. Psychosocial Health
There are also categories for 'Featured Challenges' and a new category where you can 'Build Your Own Challenges'. These categories represent the overarching structure of total wellness for this program, designed with the unique needs and goals of every MUSC employee.

Find more information on the Imagine U Program here

Questions about MyQuest and Harbor

Harbor: Where learning happens

Questions about MyQuest and Harbor?

MyQuest is the MUSC Enterprise Learning Management System for Care Team Members, Staff, and Students

Harbor(Moodle) is the Learning Management System for Students/University

Any Questions? Please contact Drs. Melissa Hortman and Albany Cromer at enterpriselearning@musc.edu.